6 Simple Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness at Your Company

A company that values wellness helps its employees maintain physical and mental health. Employees who feel healthy and have work-life balance are more motivated and focused. They bring a positive energy to the office. And they play a pivotal role in strengthening your company culture.

Investing in workplace health and wellness can take many forms: policies, resources, initiatives, and activities are just a start. Here are six simple ways to embed wellness into your day-to-day norms.

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Openly Communicate

Employees say direct managers matter more than the C-suite when it comes to employee well-being. Hint: It’s all about communicating openly, honestly, and consistently. Give managers clear instructions on how to talk with employees about well-being and how to overcome hurdles or fears. Read more here.

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Value the Whole Employee

Physical, emotional, financial and work well-being are intertwined. True workplace wellness is about integration: Value the whole employee. Read more here.

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Be Clear On Where You Stand on Well-Being

Be explicit about why well-being matters to your organization and connect well-being to company goals. Post a video of your CEO talking about their personal goals and how the company’s wellness programs helps achieve them. Let employees take time to volunteer for activities of their choice. Promote charity walks and other team-focused events. Read more here.

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Reduce Noise and Stress

Reduce noise pollution in your workplace to simultaneously reduce employee stress. Consider designating a quiet space in the office where employees can go to work silently. You can also add a white noise machine in the general office area to help drown out more distracting sounds. Read more here.

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Encourage Mental Health Days

Encourage your employees to take mental health days when they need to de-stress! Make it a cultural norm by having leaders model this behavior and highlight employees who have taken time to spend with their families or on their hobbies. Read more here.

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Add Some Zen

Add some zen to the office with options for meditation. Consider covering employee subscriptions to Headspace for self-directed meditation, or host meditation or yoga classes right in the office. Read more here.

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