3 ways that culture can help your New Year’s resolutions stick


New Year Goals ResolutionsYou’re ready for a reboot with some New Year’s business resolutions for 2020, but have you thought about resolving to actually make them happen?

Laying groundwork for successful change means focused and mindful planning, as CultureIQ’s David Shanklin recently pointed out in Forbes. It also means cultivating a culture that will shore you up against feeling overwhelmed, unclear, discouraged and unprepared, all of which contribute to the estimated 80% failure rate of New Year’s resolutions.

With that in mind, here are three culture strategies you can deploy when trying to carry through your business resolutions.

1. Culture strategy: Embrace and expect mistakes – and don’t chalk them up as failures.

A recent Business Insider article pointed to a study from the University of Scranton showing that people who actually stick to long-term resolutions “tend to slip up (defined as the re-emergence of unwanted behavior) at least 14 times. A whopping 71% of individuals said their mistakes actually strengthened their desire to reach their goals. Planning ahead can help you figure out how you’ll recover from those mistakes.”

2. Culture strategy: Be realistic about goals—and feedback can help you ground strategy in reality.

This culture power topped this Forbes’ resolution list for 2020. As essayist Nikki Carlson put it, “There’s nothing wrong with shooting for the moon, but don’t shoot for, say, Pluto. …When a goal is actually attainable, you feel motivated and energized; the opposite happens when you pursue a lofty goal that just isn’t going to happen.”

3. Culture strategy: Put people Your workforce and customers are central–and crucial–in meeting goals.

When Fast Company asked CEOs about the 2020 resolutions they’ve set for their firms, focusing on people and listening more were among the most-mentioned goals: “People are the most important component to building a successful business,”  Isabelle Steichen, cofounder and CEO of snack line Lupii, told Fast Company.

These steps are a good way to get those business resolutions moving, and keep them powered throughout the year. Happy 2020!