5 Amazing Warm-Weather Team Building Events

Take advantage of the sun with these team building activities!

Having a team that genuinely gets along is a great feeling. Even better, teamwork and collaboration is good for business. Summertime is here, and providing fun and meaningful team events is not only good for morale, but for your organization overall. In fact, happy employees are 12 percent more productive, according to FastCompany. Here are a few ways to get your people together this summer, after all, ’tis the season for picnics, summer Fridays, and baseball games!

Scavenger hunt

Have your employees channel their inner child by hosting a scavenger hunt. Make the clues based off of specific aspects from each department so that your employees have to collaborate and work together to find the clues. To further incentivize the event, give frugal yet practical prizes like phone chargers. (If you’re anything like me, you understand the necessity of having at least three iPhone cords at all times. Pretty sure that’s a law somewhere…) If planning the scavenger hunt in-house feels too intimidating, there are companies that focus on this, such as Strayboots.

Themed food events

As you know, we love to break bread with our team. The reason being that it helps people come together in ways they may not otherwise. When planning a themed food gathering, take into consideration what your people like. For instance, you could have a Cowboy theme, serving BBQ, or maybe a sushi theme. No matter what you decide, allow your employees to be part of the decision, as they’re more likely to be engaged when they feel included.

Sports day

Strong bonds are formed by mutual interests, and what better way to do so by engaging in some friendly sports banters. For your sports day, have your team rock jerseys of their favorite teams. Provide small bites that are sports inspired (like Cracker Jacks!), to help get your team in the competitive spirit. This is a great icebreaker, because employees can see who else in their company likes the same team. Conversely it can promote friendly competition if you have a Spurs fan and a Suns fan on the same team. Remember the playoffs in 2006, anyone? Sports rivalry can also forge bonds between employees.

Company sports team

Get your employees together by signing up for a sports league. Team sports require teamwork, critical thinking, and sportsmanship, all of which can translate back into the office. Not only are your people learning to work together in a fun setting, they also are working on their fitness, which we know to be good for employee wellness and engagement. You can even partner with companies like ZogSports to host a company field day. Whether it’s softball or a three-legged race, your people can learn how to better communicate and work together with the help of organized sports.

Music events

Music has an amazing way of bringing people from all walks of life together. While your team may be diverse, jamming out to some tunes is a pastime enjoyed by many. Take a look at your local events and find outdoor music events that are free or low in cost. Be sure to give your employees ample time so that they can make arrangements to attend. This is an awesome option for your team to bond outside of the office, allowing them to get to know each other.

Building an authentic team

Team events for the summer are great not only because they are fun, but also because they can help define a culture of teamwork and collaboration. While you are running a business, it’s a proven fact that people who genuinely enjoy working with their colleagues work harder and stick around longer. Get together with your leadership team to get some team summer events on the docket. Don’t let bonding opportunities be an afterthought this summer.