The 6 Best Slack Extensions for Company Culture

Here at CultureIQ, we define company culture as the behaviors, beliefs, interactions, and attitudes that dictate how things get done within your organization. Those behaviors, beliefs interactions, and attitudes are often large-scale. Think company values, connection to leadership, and alignment to the company mission.
But they can also be smaller in scope. The team lunches. The birthday celebrations. The group volunteer sessions. These smaller interactions also dictate how things get done within your organization. They add up. They shape your company culture.

Thankfully, Slack has a ton of integrations that help with these small culture builders. Check out our favorite Slack integrations that help keep employees happy and engaged.

The Best Slack Integrations for Company Culture

To Get To Know Fellow Employees

Donut pairs employees together for coffee or lunch (or donut) breaks together. The pairings are random, to ensure participating employees are paired with people across teams and levels. And they can take place at regular intervals, so you can automate your get-to-know-you program.

To Welcome New Hires

GreetBot helps ease the onboarding process for new hires. The Slack integration automatically handles two key elements of welcoming a new hire:

  1. Greeting new teammates. GreetBot introduces them in public and private channels, or within a direct message.
  2. Sharing relevant information. Greetbot sends links to the necessary documents, folders, and sites.

To Plan Inclusive Outings

Lunch Train keeps lunch outings simple and inclusive. Start a Lunch Train in any channel or direct message by typing /lunchtrain with the time and place details. Anyone can ‘board’ the train. If they do, they’ll get any updates and a reminder when it’s time to go. Easy peasy!

To Stay Charitable

Chip makes it easier to raise money for charity — all right within Slack. Get started in any channel or direct message by typing /chip and selecting a charity. Anyone can contribute via PayPal and monitor the progress you collectively make as a team.

To Make Everyone Feel Heard

Simple Poll is just that: It brings simple, streamlined polls right into Slack. Use it for anything from ‘What snacks should we order?’ to ‘How do you think that campaign went?’ However you use it, you’ll make employees feel heard.

To Celebrate the Small Wins

Hey Taco brings the gold star system to Slack — except with tacos! Recognize each other and celebrate the small wins with tacos. Hey Taco lets you review the rankings, see who got taco’d, and add a smile to your day. Want more ideas on improving your company culture? We’ve written a guide with 60+ ideas.