9 Surprising Ways Company Culture Software Helps You Manage Change

Managing Change with Culture Software

There are a million reasons a company might find itself in the middle of a culture change. Your CEO could leave or get fired for bad behavior. Your company could buy (or get bought in) a merger or acquisition. Or maybe you just have an amazing opportunity to make a change for the better, and you want to take it (that’s the spirit!). Whatever the reason, you never know when culture change will strike. But when it does strike, it’s up to your HR and leadership team to manage the change so that it has positive ramifications and doesn’t end up causing long-term damage to your company’s performance. There’s a lot you can to do manage change manually, but one of the best ways to prepare is to have a company culture software in place. When you’re up and running with a company culture software before a major change, it will empower you with the insight you need to monitor the change and see if how it affects how you get things done.Here are nine surprising ways company culture software can help you manage change successfully:

During a merger or acquisition…

Mergers and acquisitions account for trillions of dollars of business activity each year. However, they also account for negative outcomes like high attrition, low productivity, and low profitability. Here’s how company culture software can help:

  • You can more closely monitor how the merger or acquisition impacts engagement and performance. You’ll have before-and-after results that allow you to track changes in your culture before they become a problem. Think: proactive rather than reactive.
  • You can identify what cultural strengths to leverage and hold onto. Company culture software will enable you to evaluate what cultural strengths you should hold onto and incorporate into the parent company. For example, you can perform a driver analysis to determine what cultural factors have been driving engagement in the acquired company. You’ll want to make sure you hold onto these factors during the transition.
  • You can analyze performance by team, demographic, or other segment. If you’re merging companies with a diverse skill set, location distribution, or background, company culture software allows you to easily and accurately monitor cultural changes according to each sub-group.

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When you experience a leadership change…

Whether they’re promoted, fired, or retired, a CEO leaving an organization has an enormous cultural impact on your organization. Here’s how company culture software can help smooth out the transition:

  • You can monitor change before and after. You’ll have data that shows you which culture qualities scored well before the transition, allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot any drops that might occur when the CEO leaves. This unique insight will also help you prepare the incoming CEO so they can more easily manage expectations and hit the ground running. Ask yourself how the new CEO can replicate and/or adjust certain behaviors that contributed to the culture’s current state.
  • You can track a given CEO’s impact on mission and value alignment. Your company’s mission and values can be your biggest asset during times of change. As you transition to new leaders, company culture software allows you to track how different leadership initiatives impact mission and value alignment in your company.
  • You can proactively identify leadership opportunities. Companies often don’t handle CEO transition well because they don’t have a leadership strategy in place. With company culture software, you can customize your surveys to dig deep into your employee’s perception of all levels of leadership and prepare accordingly. Are there certain leadership trends that need to be addressed? For example, if you find that only 39% of people believe that they communicate well with their manager, then any culture change effort is going to be a lot harder to implement. You might want to focus on improving communication processes as you prepare for transition.

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When your industry shifts…

In a digital economy, you can never fully anticipate how the “next big thing” will impact how you do business. That goes for trends in marketing (can any company do business without a website nowadays?) and trends in talent acquisition (computer literacy!). Here’s how company culture software can help:

  • You can assess the effectiveness of your onboarding process. Using custom, automated surveys, company culture software can help you track how long it takes new hires to assimilate into your culture. You can also create subgroups that monitor the results of new hiring strategies and track how they compare to traditional hires.
  • You can identify new opportunities for improving processes. As the makeup of your team shifts with changing business trends, you’ll be able to see exactly how different segments of employees rate your team’s ability to communicate, collaborate, or get things done during those transitional times.
  • You can anticipate changes to stay ahead of the curve during times of growth. By tracking how agile or innovative your company is, you’ll be able to assess how easily employees can move ideas through your organization and identify when it’s time to make strategic improvements to those processes.


Whether you’re taking on cultural change by choice or by acquisition or merger, company culture software can position you to make the most out of the transition.

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