Acing Culture – A Tribute to International Women’s Day

In celebration of international women’s day we wanted to spotlight a few of our female colleagues who have made a difference in our organization and their communities! The first story comes from Krissy Buongiorno, a CultureIQ Account Executive by day, and top notch Volleyball coach by night:

My first experience of a strong culture was being on a winning volleyball team when I was 16. Flash-forward to today and now I’m on the other side of it, coaching a volleyball team of teenagers, the South Brooklyn Volleyball squad.

In certain ways, what we practice on our volleyball team to build a strong culture and develop a sense of teamwork, can even be skills that are useful in a corporate setting.


It’s important for our team to have focus. Before each tournament we take a few minutes to discuss our goals for the day.  They’re usually items we can control, like our energy, effort, and level of communication with our teammates, and then a stretch goal or two.  Our stretch goals usually center around inflicting some type of pain on our opponents, and the prize is either ice cream for the team or a steak lunch 😉


Take Chances

Volleyball is a game of mistakes, so we strive to create a culture that encourages aggressive mistakes. We have mantras we rely on to remind us mistakes are a normal part of the process, and it’s how we respond that matters. You might overhear us saying, “Correct & Recover”, “Shake-it off and make it up”, or “interesting choice” for when someone makes a super wacky decision on the court!



After our tournaments we reflect on our performance and discuss as a team. We ask each player what they think they did well, and what they think they can improve.  Usually some themes emerge, helping us shape the upcoming practices.

Another motto we use, ‘sulk or celebrate until midnight’ because tomorrow is a new day!  There’s no harm in celebrating our success, and it’s okay to feel disappointed when we lose, but it’s important for us to continue to move forward and improve.


Have Fun

Lastly, we have fun! We cheer after every play, regardless of if we win the point or not.  We are constantly high fiving!  And we don’t take ourselves too seriously either, we laugh a lot at ourselves.

It’s a privilege to lead and coach a group of young-women! The support I receive from the South Brooklyn Coaching Staff, and my coaching partner, make a huge impact on how I’m able to coach, as they are my “teammates”. I love the sport of course, but I also know the skills learned on the court have the potential to transcend to other parts of our players’ life which is a big bonus!