How Agile Companies Use Pulse Surveys

Thanks to advancements in technology, companies are becoming more agile. More dynamic workplaces, though, means more changes occur. According to our research, 57% of employees experienced significant change, including layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring. Thankfully, advancements in technology also mean greater access to data, the tools to interpret them, and insights that help companies improve.
One standard source of data for more than 75% of our Fortune 500 clients is annual enterprise surveys. Though annual surveys are vital to gathering employee data which guides annual strategic planning, some companies focus their efforts solely on these annual enterprise surveys and. Consequently, they only get one side of the story.

Pulse surveys and their impact

The solution to incomplete data on employee attitudes and sentiments is pulse surveys. Your company is changing rapidly, and these shorter, more frequent employee surveys allow you to gather data in between annual surveys and adapt your strategy quickly. By implementing pulse surveys into your employee engagement strategy, you’ll develop an all-encompassing listening plan for effective change within your organization.Pulse surveys help organizations:

  • Highlight and address problems quickly.

Your enterprise survey is only going to detect issues that arise once or twice a year. What if a problem in employee engagement or attitudes surfaces in the middle of the year? If you don’t identify them until the next annual survey, you could miss out an opportunity to implement a timely solution.

  • Cover topics not included in the enterprise survey.

Your annual survey can only be so long. Too many topics and questions can lead to respondents becoming overwhelmed and abandoning your survey. Your pulse surveys, on the other hand, can focus on specific issues and can be sent to the subsets of employees they most affect.

  • Quickly evaluate their improvement efforts.

Your enterprise surveys reveal key insights into what needs to change at your company. As you implement improvement initiatives, use pulse surveys to see how your efforts are performing.