Anyone else working from floor? 5 CultureIQ workspaces
you won’t envy

We’ve been at this remote work thing about three months, joining most American employees (51%, according to a recent poll) who have traded cubicles for couches.

Good organizational culture is our specialty, so our crew has been able to adjust well. But we’re here to tell you, our home-office organizational culture is by no means fully baked. We thought we’d share our interior-design flaws right here in visual splendor on our blog, if for no other reason than to make you feel good about where you’re working now.

Don’t hold back on our WFH display 

Drop a comment and/or a photo on our Twitter and Linkedin posts to share how our remote-work stylings compare to yours. And if your home office is a paradise, post pictures so we can direct our jealousy your way! If it is a minefield, jungle or a barren wasteland, post those photos too, so we’ll know that we are alone, together, in having workspaces that could use an extreme makeover.

5 of CultureIQ’s least-enviable work from home setups:

1. WFF

Working from floor. “My sad office on the floor. My back…my back,” a New York City colleague explains.


working from atop chest of drawers

Working from atop chest of drawers. Another NYC team member is martyring himself for the rest of his remote working/schooling family.


working from teeny corner

Working from teeny corner. With big-screen temptation and small furry distraction nearby.


working from couch with encroaching child

Working from couch with encroaching child. One of our colleagues got away to the countryside, but still found his space invaded by an adorable intruder.


working from dueling desktops

Working from dueling desktops.  Our Chicago-area project manager colleague explains, “I like to think the window makes up for my lack of screens … or mice … or keyboards.”

Lucky to be here

Despite our feng shui shortcomings, we count ourselves lucky to be working safe at home, for a supportive company.  And we’re incredibly grateful to millions of brave employees who don’t have the luxury of working at home, because they are busy feeding us, transporting the things we need to us, protecting our neighborhoods and saving our lives. We support and salute them, and we’ll work from floor for however long it takes to help keep them safe.

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