Build the right culture for your business strategy

If you want your business strategy to succeed, your culture has to help it take flight. How do you know whether your organization’s culture will power your strategy (or ground it)?

At CultureIQ, we help businesses define the culture that will make your strategy work, find out where your current culture stands in terms of meeting your strategic goals, and then let our experts guide you in creating a plan to reach your ideal culture. We call these three steps “Architect, Assess and Activate,” and they are the formula to help our customers turn culture into a competitive advantage.

Customized Solutions

In this video, CultureIQ Principal Strategist Jennifer Stoll explains these steps in detail and about how they can be customized to fit a company’s unique strategic goals. “Our strategists work very closely with your HR team as well as your senior leadership across the organization,” to figure out ways to address particular strategic issues an organization is facing, and offer customized solutions, Stoll says.


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