Building an Employer Brand to Align Your Culture and Business Goals – Event Highlights

Aligning Your Culture And Business Goals

On Thursday, April 14th, we hosted a community event in partnership with Betts Recruiting. We brought together leaders from Skaled, SoulCycle, and The Muse to discuss “Building an Employer Brand to Align Your Culture and Business Goals.”

Remind me, what do you mean by employer brand?

Your employer brand

is how your company is framed to current and potential employees, how your current employees talk about their experience at your company, and how candidates perceive working at your company. It’s the reaction (good or bad) to hearing someone say, “I work at _______.”

Why the buzz around the topic?

For one, it’s something we hear our clients talk about a lot. The talent market is competitive, and effective employer branding has evolved from a “nice to have” to a “need to have.”

Additionally, there is a lot of overlap between employer branding and company culture. In fact, your employer brand should be rooted in your business strategy and company culture, telling an authentic story about what it means to be part of the organization. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the panel conversation often turned to our favorite topic, culture.

Highlights from the discussion

Building an Employer Brand
From left to right: Matt Tamasi from Betts Recruiting, Alex Caiola from SoulCycle, Jake Dunlap from Skaled, and Doug Freeman from The Muse


The panelists (above) were sharing insights left and right. I tried to share them on Twitter as fast as I could type. A few key themes stood out: know your team and target market to recruit for long-term success, root your employer branding and employee lifecycle in your core values, and stay ahead of your employer brand by really understanding your culture and giving employees a chance to provide regular feedback.

Understand your team and your target market

Stay true to your mission and values


Stay ahead with culture and feedback


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