CEO shows how CultureIQ gets its own culture right

After winning three Best CEO awards in the past two years (and his company winning 5 more honors), Greg Besner has become his own proof of concept.

The founder and CEO of CultureIQ started the company in 2013 to help companies measure and strategize on culture within their firms, helping them create healthier, more motivated and more successful workplaces. CultureIQ has grown from a staff of seven to more than 100 people, and counts among its clients 33 percent of the Fortune 500.

Besner’s honors were bestowed by Comparably, which awards companies and leaders based on evaluations from their own employees. Besner and his leadership team’s A+ ranking place CultureIQ in the top 5 percent of small firms in the U.S. These honors show that great culture isn’t just a selling point of CultureIQ—it’s something that Besner takes to heart and imbues throughout the organization.

“Working with Greg is always an enjoyable experience,” says CultureIQ Account Executive Krissy Buongiorno. “l love bringing him on sales calls because he’s experienced and polished (of course). But above all I think my favorite things about Greg pertain to his personality. He’s calm, compassionate, generous, warm and funny.”

Watch CultureIQ CEO Greg Besner talk about his Best CEO awards in 2019, and how CultureIQ creates and maintains its own strong internal culture: