CEO Letter:
In sickness, and in health

Those who have had any kind of long-term relationship (significant other, friend, sibling, the list goes on) will tell you that there are wonderful days, and there are days that are exceptionally difficult. And for some strange reason, surviving tough times seems to forge strong bonds much more than coasting through easy ones.

As leaders of people in companies of all shapes and sizes, difficult days are now upon us, ones that will test the durability of the relationships we built with our workforces in times that were gentler.

To help you understand how well your organization’s culture is holding up in the face of massive, highly disruptive changes in working conditions, CultureIQ is proud to announce the release of our Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey (CBRS) package.

For customers and non-customers

The CBRS includes question guides and other resources developed by our culture experts in critical categories such as employee health and well-being; collaboration; resources and processes; workplace health and safety; communication; and manager support. In the coming days, we will modify the CBRS as conditions warrant, and hold an online event to answer your questions and share experiences in navigating through this crisis.

The package is available both to customers and non-customers of CultureIQ. The virus sees no difference in any of us; why should its remedies?

While it may be tempting to put the brakes on assessing and building culture in times like this, it’s actually the absolute worst thing you can do. Legendary poet and author Maya Angelou said it best: At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.

Tony Jaros

CEO, CultureIQ