On Company Culture: The 6 Best Podcasts Episodes to Download

To say we’re passionate about culture at CultureIQ would be an understatement. Our team shares an unabashed obsession with understanding company culture — one that doesn’t slow down when we leave the CultureIQ office for the day. TED Talks, podcasts, round table discussions, books… a seemingly endless array of resources exist on the importance of corporate culture.
So we thought we’d share some of our favorite resources: Podcasts on company culture. Whether we’re researching a new company initiative or just walking the dog, we love listening and learning from these podcasts. Check them out below. Happy listening!

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Best Podcast Episodes on Company Cultureb

The Meaning of Work, by TED Radio Hour

The NPR podcast TED Radio Hour covers all things TED. That is, any ideas, concepts, or inventions that push our minds forward. In episode ‘The Meaning of Work,’ TED speakers dive into why we work for a living and how we can make the experience more meaningful.

The Insanity of Leadership, by Everybody Matters

The Everybody Matters episode The Insanity of Leadership is a refreshing take on company culture: It covers the importance of truly human leadership in driving a strong culture and organizational success. We couldn’t agree more.

Scaling Companies… and Culture, by a16z

In the world of rapidly growing startups, how can entrepreneurs successfully scale their culture? This episode of the a16z Podcast shares Ben Horowitz’s and Lars Dalgaard’s founder stories and their recommended success factors for scaling companies to maintain a strong culture.

Protecting Your Company From Itself — Why You Need HR, by a16z

We couldn’t resist suggesting another a16z episode on the importance of HR in rapidly growing startups. The episode walks through how HR preserves your company culture and what a successful HR team should look like.

Netflix’s Reed Hastings in Culture Shock, by Masters of Scale

Netflix is famous for its 100+ slide culture deck — and, of course, for its strong company culture. In this Masters of Scale podcast, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings dives into why defining and documenting culture is so important. (Spoiler: Being unabashedly upfront about what you value will bring in employees who share those values)

Starbucks: Howard Schultz, by How I Built This

How I Built This dives into the stories behind the world’s best-known companies: Starbucks. In this episode, host Guy Raz connects with Starbuck’s Howard Schulz. Tune in to listen to Howard’s incredible story growing Starbucks from a small Seattle coffee shop, and how he’s cared for his employees along the journey. What podcasts do you listen to about company culture? Let us know on Twitter!