Why Tim, the Cowboy Museum security guard, is our Culture Framework in human form

At CultureIQ, we’ve developed a data- and research- backed method that helps organizations turn culture into competitive advantage. We never could have imagined that our entire Culture Framework could be represented by a single person, until security guard Tim Tiller strode into town.

Tiller, who works for Oklahoma City’s National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, was drafted to become the Museum’s social media leader after COVID-19 concerns forced the museum to close on March 17. Since Tiller was the lone employee allowed to stay on site, they asked him to saddle up on Twitter and post pictures and captions of the museum’s extensive collection, including rare cowboy memorabilia, American Indian artifacts, and exhibits featuring the likes of Andy Warhol and Dorothea Lange.

Dad jokes and cowboy culture

Tiller not only willingly took on his social media role, he crushed it, turning himself into an overnight celebrity, and a much needed dose of steadiness and good humor in some very hard times. “Tiller’s dad jokes, accompanied by his genuinely deep knowledge of cowboy culture and images of delightfully banal yeehaw aesthetics, all add up to pure gold and positivity,” crowed The Observer, one of many media outlets praising Tiller’s social media prowess.

Not only is Tiller a shining example of how finding and tapping hidden talent can bolster an organization, he’s a walking, Tweeting personification of our 7-step framework for business success. Seriously! Ride along for our exceptionally convincing argument, and get a couple of much-needed laughs along the way:

1. PURPOSE: Before any team can succeed, it needs to lay the groundwork with a strong, clear mission guiding leaders and employees.


BonusTweet: https://twitter.com/ncwhm/status/1242538439838511104

2. DIGNITY: Employees should be guided by basic principles around how to treat customers and colleagues


Bonus Tweet: https://twitter.com/ncwhm/status/1242927313009999873

3. TALENT: Organizations should find new ways to bring out the best in employees, and hone their talents


4. CURIOSITY: Employees should be encouraged to seek out and share new ideas and ways of seeing things


Bonus Tweet:  https://twitter.com/ncwhm/status/1241045399999217666

5. COLLABORATION– Teams need to be able work together to achieve common goals


Bonus Tweets: https://twitter.com/ncwhm/status/1240062707208015873


6. EXECUTION: Employees have to focus on working efficiently and with high-quality standards


7. AGILITY: When the market changes, teams should be able to respond quickly


Success in hard times

If you and your organization follow along this framework, tracing Tim Tiller’s hoofsteps, ultimately, you can achieve agility – and become a market leader like him. Even in these dark, pandemic times, and even from the most unlikely beginnings, success is possible when you have the right ingredients. And that’s perhaps the most encouraging lesson from this cowboy turned culture supermodel.

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