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Create Impactful Employee Engagement Surveys With Our Free eBook

Engaged employees are a key driver of your business’s success: highly engaged workplaces see a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales. But understanding how to engage your employees can be tricky. What are your culture’s strengths? Weaknesses? Does this differ across teams? Where do you start?!
The answer is: with employee surveys. In fact, regularly surveying your employees to improve engagement can give your company a competitive edge: despite the business case for an engaged workforce, one in five executives report that they do not formally measure employee engagement at all.

We want to change that, so we’ve written a comprehensive guide to walk you through everything you need to know about employee engagement surveys, from start to finish.

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Use our guide to learn how to optimize your surveying process from start to finish.

Before Getting Started: What to Know

Setting the Stage for Feedback

Effective employee surveys don’t exist in a vacuum. Before jumping into your employee surveys, create an environment that makes employees feel comfortable sharing and confident that their feedback is valued.

Survey Use Cases

We compiled the most common use cases for employee surveys, as well as some fresh ideas to put the employee voice front and center.


Creating Your Employee Surveys

Planning Your survey

Learn how often you should send culture and employee engagement surveys, how to prevent survey fatigue, who to include in each survey, and more.

Designing Your Survey

Learn how to create surveys with maximum impact. Our seven tips show you how to design surveys with targeted questions and clear language for the best results.

Testing Your Survey

As you optimize your employee survey design, it’s important to get a second (and third and fourth) opinion to accomplish three things:

  1. Figure out if the survey is testing what you want it to test
  2. Identify ambiguities in the questions or structure
  3. Catch typos or duplicates

Discover a few ways to test and refine your survey before sending it to employees.


Optimizing Your Surveys

Leadership Involvement

Ensuring that your survey is successful starts with your leadership team. Follow these best practices to align and involve leaders in your employee feedback program.


To go anonymous or not go anonymous? That is the question… that we answer in this section. Learn how to ensure employees feel comfortable providing their honest feedback.

Increasing Response Rate

Check out our five tips that will help you increase participation rates and gather the highest quality feedback with each employee survey.


After Your Employee Engagement Survey

The Results Are In. Now What?

Ok, you’ve designed, tested, and sent your employee survey. But don’t stop there. Your follow up is just as important as sending a survey in the first place. Learn the six-step process for a simple, efficient post-survey plan.


Whether you are planning a specific survey in the near future, just shopping around for new ways to incorporate employee feedback, or entirely new to this whole employee survey thing, our eGuide has the answers for you. Download it here!

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