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How to Create a Supportive Work Environment and Strengthen Your Culture

It’s simple: companies with strong support systems have more impactful cultures as a result.
In a company with great support, employees feel valued as people and more confident in their leaders. Employees provide each other with the resource and guidance they need to be successful. They trust their managers and leadership team — and vice versa. People care about one another and the success of their peers, teams, and leaders.

Here at CultureIQ, we firmly believe in the power of support systems to strengthen culture. So, we collected a few tips from culture experts on building a supportive work environment. Read them below, and feel free to check out plenty more culture tips in our free eGuide.

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How to Create a Supportive Workplace Culture

Develop Your Managers

Prioritize developing your managers. Managers with strong leadership skills and a clear understanding of their role, priorities, mission, and company values spread their skills and knowledge to their direct reports, peers, and executives.

LifeLabs Learning, @LifeLabsNewYork

Practice lab helping people, teams, and companies learn life’s most useful skills


Leaders Are Storytellers

Leaders need to be chief storytellers — talking to their people in vulnerable, honest ways that resonate.

Root Inc., @therootinc

Helping organizations drive change through culture and engagement.


Don’t Use Shortcuts When Onboarding

Don’t skimp on details during onboarding: acronyms, company history and idiosyncrasies help new teammates feel “in.”

August Public Inc., @AugustPublic

Building high-performance teams for the world’s most meaningful missions.


Create Support Systems for Leadership

Organize support systems for your managers. They’ll act as a sounding board for your managers to share challenges, ask questions, and gather ideas… fostering leadership development in a safe space. Read more here.

The CultureIQ team, @CultureIQ

Partnering with leaders and their people to strengthen workplace culture and drive competitive advantage.


Set Up Safe Spaces

Setting up a Slack channel for introverts provides space for individuals to swap tips and feel supported.

August Public Inc., @AugustPublic


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