Culture Scout: 1 interactive, a survey and a podcast

culture scout

This week’s Culture Scout touches on upheaval from climate change and the disasters they spawn, second thoughts on full-remote working and brainstorming from a distance. Here’s what we found:

1. How climate change will displace Americans

As disaster season comes on us with a vengeance, a stunning interactive from The New York Times Magazine shows us why climate migration will become a reality for many Americans, shaping how and where we live and work. With photography, audio, charts, text and maps, the interactive was created in partnership with ProPublica and support from the Pulitzer Center.

Excerpt from the Times Magazine interactive:

“The millions of people moving north will mostly head to the cities of the Northeast and Northwest, which will see their populations grow by roughly 10%, according to one model. Once-chilly places like Minnesota and Michigan and Vermont will become more temperate, verdant and inviting. Vast regions will prosper; just as Hsiang’s research forecast that Southern counties could see a tenth of their economy dry up, he projects that others as far as North Dakota and Minnesota will enjoy a corresponding expansion.” 

2. Employees backing away from 100% remote life

HR Dive covers a new Slack survey that shows more trepidation among workers about cutting all ties with the office. On the other hand, they don’t want to completely return to full-time work. Preliminary results of Slack’s survey of more than 9,000 kowledge workers in the U.S. and abroad show that 72% of workers prefer a hybrid model.

Excerpt from the HR Dive story:

“More than one-third of respondents said their sense of belonging at work was worse as a result of remote work, while others faced challenges in building relationships with colleagues, being aware of others’ work and dealing with isolation and loneliness, Slack said.”

3. Brainstorming from afar, and other fun podcasts

The popular Aussie podcast, This Working Life turns to brainstorming in its latest episode – what makes a good brainstorm meeting, and how not to turn ideation into a remote hot mess.  Take a listen to other TWL podcasts in the lineup,  like nerdy books to make you better at your job and ways to to make better decisions at work.

Excerpt from the podcast:

“One thing that’s a real benefit to the remote environment is that often in brainstorming sessions the boss has an outsized influence on what happens, because everyone’s looking to see which solutions the boss likes. And with all the delays and poor videos that you get from some of the conference software over the internet it’s much harder to get the boss’s reaction in real time, so you actually get some benefit there.”

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