Here’s How Company Culture Software Helps One Digital Marketing Agency Stay On Top

Company Culture Software To The Rescue

Some companies really know what they’re about when it comes to company culture. Without a doubt, Elite SEM is one of them. This award-winning digital marketing agency has been voted best agency culture or best company to work for by Ad Age, Mashable, Inc., Entrepreneur, Crain’s, and more, and maintains a 94% employee retention rate. And that’s just the culture; the company’s performance has won the U.S. Search Awards’ #1 Best Agency three years in a row, tripled its industry’s average client satisfaction Net Promoter Score, and earned a 96% client retention rate. So, how does a high-performance culture maintain its high-performance? A combination of strategic human resources management, values-oriented leadership, and company culture software. Here’s what Elite SEM’s Director of Human Resources Jennifer Garrison has to say about how company culture software gives their organization a competitive edge:

Company Culture Software Gives Us Insights As Fast As We Are

Elite SEM lives its motto, “Great lives for great people,” by putting employees first for every policy. But it’s hard to put employees first if you don’t know what they want – especially when you’re in a high-intensity industry where employees’ needs, reactions, and challenges change frequently. And that’s where company culture software comes in, delivering rapid reaction times so that Garrison’s HR team can move rapidly, too. “We move so fast as a company that we would often get feedback long after it was useful,” says Garrison. “After all, who’s going to remember what they’d like to change about a meeting that happened six months ago? With CultureIQ’s customized survey software, we create, schedule, and send surveys quickly and get feedback in real-time. Using this technology, we’ve been able to apply employee feedback to what we’re doing. And the more we use it, the more employees see that we’re committed to taking their feedback seriously.”

Company Culture Software Makes It Easier to Be Good At Feedback

Beyond just being fast at feedback, company culture software also makes it easier for Elite SEM to be good at feedback in general. Switching from a bulky, manual survey tool to CultureIQ allowed Garrison to create more efficient survey processes, essentially “setting and forgetting” pre-programmed feedback requests. Even better, the technology platform made employees increasingly more bold and honest throughout the process. “When we used a manual survey tool, the email would send from my personal account and I’d have to take on all the administrative headaches of reminding people, re-sending the link,” says Garrison. “And since the emails and reminders were from me, it didn’t feel very anonymous, so the results weren’t all that helpful. With CultureIQ, employees really feel like their anonymity is protected, and we’ve gotten more candid and helpful feedback as a result.”

Company Culture Software Turned Us Into Data Analysts

Google’s famous former head of HR Lazlo Block recently announced that the future of HR lies with data science. That’s great news for technology departments, but it can be a struggle for HR directors who don’t have the technology or the ability to turn into data scientists overnight. And that’s where company culture software can save the day: by giving even the most data-un savvy HR professional the tools she needs to glean helpful insights from her organization’s data. “One of the best features we’ve used is the ability to look at our culture data by location, division, or department,” says Garrison. “It’s so helpful to see that one group may feel a certain way about an issue, while another group feels differently, and then to see how that affects each group’s NPS score.”“For example, we’ve hired a lot of remote employees in the past year, and it was a high priority for them to feel taken care of and connected to the company,” says Garrison. “So, we were pleasantly surprised when we segmented our NPS scores by group and found that remote employees had the highest overall scores. It was a relief to see that we had avoided the problems we were worried about, and having the data to back it up let us confidently reallocate our attention to other groups that needed it.”


Company culture software alone can’t turn a mediocre culture into an award-winning one; it takes leadership, initiative, and support to implement the changes that truly transform an organization. However, if you’re currently managing a company with a great culture, company culture software can help you make the most of that momentum by delivering faster, easier insights based on real-time data.


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