Culture Work, Derailed: Three Root Cause Categories (1/4)

Editor’s Note: This blog is the first in a four-part series.

At CultureIQ, our business is to help organizations build purposeful culture. As one might imagine, we see a wide range in the quality and output of culture work; some of it great, some not so great and most somewhere in between.

Often, the most distressing thing in organizations where culture has started to hinder growth is that leaders struggle to understand why this is the case. After all, most are keyed into the importance of culture and have dedicated time, money and human resources to it. Why isn’t the output in line with the investment? We see three key categories of missteps that organizations make when working on culture, including:

  • Strategy/Pre-Measurement. Missteps that occur prior to employee data being gathered; they can derail culture initiatives before they even get started and greatly increase the chances these initiatives will produce disappointing results.
  • Measurement. Missteps that occur during the data gathering process; they tend to drive results that are confusing to interpret or are interpreted incorrectly, both of which lead to substandard actioning.
  • Actioning/Post-Measurement. Missteps that occur as organizations are trying to convert findings into action, and ultimately to realize a return on this action.

In three subsequent blogs, we’ll sort a total of 10 missteps into these three categories, define them and discuss the harmful outcomes they can have on culture work if not remedied. We’ll also share viewpoints from our culture strategists on how they can be overcome once identified.

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