CultureIQ Releases New Resources to Help Business Leaders Take Meaningful Action and Build Purposeful Culture

SCHAUMBURG, IL – April 6, 2021 – CultureIQ, a culture management platform, today announced the availability of new tools and resources within its platform to help business leaders take action and ensure their culture supports business growth objectives. These actioning tools are ideal for HR and business leaders needing to go beyond creating action plans to taking actions that drive business performance.

“Actioning is the last but most important mile in culture work – its where all of the value is realized,” said CultureIQ CEO, Tony Jaros. “We want to make it easy and prescriptive for customers to not only assess their culture but prioritize and implement the right actions to shape critical employee behaviors.”

Many culture work efforts can lose momentum when the effort shifts from analysis to action. CultureIQ is elevating the importance and urgency of taking the right actions by helping its customers think proactively about actioning at all stages of culture work. By providing tools, content, and access to culture strategists, CultureIQ is helping customers unlock more value out of the insights they gather from survey efforts.

Newly available features include:

  • CultureIQ Actioning Blueprint: A framework to understand roles and responsibilities at each phase of culture work for everyone involved from executives, the culture action team, front line managers, to individual employees.
  • Self-Guided Actioning Toolkit: Tools and content to equip those responsible for orchestrating and guiding the actioning phase of your culture work.
  • Actioning Strategy Session— A working session with a Culture Strategist to help your executive team align on your overarching culture objective, priorities, and next steps for culture action.
  • Action Progress Pulse Surveys: Quick surveys to assess action progress and discover obstacles through employee feedback on culture efforts and emerging business issues.

These features are available to all CultureIQ customers and can be accessed for free from the CultureIQ platform today.

‍About CultureIQ

Culture shapes the behavior of your employees and influences the decisions they make every day. That’s why we believe culture is the very heart of your business growth. The CultureIQ platform unites software and expertise to help leadership teams develop purposeful culture and thrive. Companies can learn about CultureIQ at, on LinkedIn and Twitter @CultureIQ. Follow CultureIQ’s blog to stay on top of company developments, news, events and happenings.