CultureIQ: What do we stand for?


These days, nearly every organization has some sort of mechanism in place to gather feedback from their employees. Perhaps they do it once a year, perhaps more. That’s a good thing, right? 

The trouble is that too many organizations equate establishing a listening program with building culture. Leaders in these organizations will busy themselves with comparisons and comments, address an issue here or there, and then rinse and repeat in the years to come.  

The right question to ask

Five years down the road, these leaders should be asking themselves one question: Did anything we do purposefully define, build or reinforce a culture that is aligned with the organization’s growth strategy? 

Every culture is built off of the same components that are embodied in our research-backed Culture Framework: dignity, purpose, talent, collaboration, curiosity, execution and agility. The exact mix of these components, however, will change depending on how an organization plans to grow, and what threats are currently jeopardizing its growth plans.  

Culture software is only as effective
as the thought process that has preceded its use.

That brings us back to listening. If leadership didn’t have an end in mind when it started its culture work, how on earth could it prioritize which culture components were the most important to assess? How could they interpret data without the proper way to frame it? And most important, how could they act on their data in any meaningful, focused way? 

50 years of work on organizational culture has taught CultureIQ a few things. First, culture work without a “why” is work that is destined to drive disappointing results. Second, culture software is only as effective as the thought process that has preceded its use. And finally, taking generic action can lead to the same result as taking no action at all. Listen all you want – without strong bookends on either side of data gathering, your culture work won’t hold up. 

A better reflection

The beliefs of CultureIQ are now better reflected in our messaging, positioning and strategy. We have strived to capture the essence of who we are as an organization, and how we approach the development of culture in yours. 

Evaluate our approach. Examine our powerful technology. Understand why the people we pair with our platform play such a critical role in pinpointed data gathering and cultural development. Watch how we introduce new offerings to give you many more resources to act quickly and effectively once you have the inputs to do so.   

On behalf of all of the associates of CultureIQ, we can’t wait to help you build your organization’s culture – and grow your business – in a purposeful, thoughtful way. 

Tony Jaros