CultureIQ’s new COVID survey covers all work scenarios

COVID-19 is constantly changing how employees carry out–and feel about–their work, making it crucial for employers to stay connected with workers, whether they are remote, returning, on-site or a combination of these. To meet this critical need, culture-management firm CultureIQ has updated its Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey (CBRS), designed to align employees and leaders in successfully transforming businesses as they emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

Survey available to all

The CBRS-Phase 2 helps leaders–both clients and non-clients–save time and generate insights from employee views on topics such as leadership and agility, safety policies, co-workers’ reliability and readiness to return to work.

CBRS- 2 - updated

The survey includes questions targeting those workers preparing to return to work, those back at work already, and those classified as essential workers. CBRS-Phase 2 has been developed with the pooled expertise of CultureIQ’s Culture Solutions Strategists, and can be used in full, as a pulse or as a targeted survey.

CultureIQ leads in providing COVID tools

“Since March 3–well ahead of other culture-management firms–we’ve been offering surveys and tools to help companies develop effective responses to COVID-19,” CEO Tony Jaros says. “This latest version of our CBRS reflects our continued commitment to support leaders and employees, no matter how much their working environment changes.”

“At CultureIQ, we believe strongly that as the business environment becomes more dynamic and organizations are confronted with novel situations, the value of employee feedback greatly increases,” says Scott Young, one of the survey’s creators, and CultureIQ’s Managing Director, Culture Solutions.

‘Learning and adapting quickly’ is crucial

“Our goal is to encourage organizations to learn from and respond to employee feedback, and we believe this tool can help them do just that during a time that demands learning and adapting quickly,” Young adds.

Along with this CBRS, CultureIQ is offering more information and tools on its Coronavirus Resource Hub. The hub can help organizations gain insight on the challenges posed by the pandemic, and helps them find solutions for their workforce.

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