Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion with International Women’s Day

It’s hard to believe that it is 2019 and March is already among us.  However, next month is a prime opportunity to focus on those diversity and inclusion initiatives. International Women’s Day is March 8th and it’s time to start planning on how you will be celebrating your female colleagues.   This year’s theme addresses balance—balance in life, work and in the world.

Here are some creative ways you can celebrate the women who work for you and support diversity in the workforce.

Show Your Purple Pride

The official color for International Women’s Day is purple.  So, you may want to find ways to incorporate that into the day.

  • Work with the marketing team to flip your logo to purple for the day.
  • Invite all employees to wear purple on March 8 to celebrate the women in their lives.
  • Create International Women’s Day swag for your company—in purple of course.
  • Encourage others to participate in a purple potluck or even enjoy purple pastries.
  • Also, Purple décor is always a great idea. Things like balloons, posters and tablecloths go a long way.

Celebrate Your Women

  • Schedule a Women’s Day Lunch n’ Learn and let your female employees share how they keep balance. And don’t forget to order the IWD party pack.
  • Have your female employees guest blog about women who have made a difference in their careers, how they find balance or their passion.
  • Create a photo booth with the selfie cards here and share them widely on social media using the hashtags #BalanceforBetter or #IWD2019.
  • Promote Women’s achievements. Whether she be inventors, politicians, rock stars, writers, etc. IWD is the day to give a shout out to all our female idols.

Do Some Good for Diversity

This year’s theme Better the Balance, Better the World invites women to make a difference at work and in the world as well.  So why not use the day to help other women get started.

  • Volunteer for a women’s organization as a team. We love Dress for Success.  However, there are so many great organizations focusing on diversity and inclusion, like Girls Who Code, would greatly appreciate the time and talents of your employees.
  • Take some of your inspiring women to a local school to present.
  • Recognize employees who have made a difference by mentoring women with donations to charities in their name.

Spread the Word

Lastly, but certainly not least, be sure to spread awareness and promote your celebrations through word of mouth and social media.

  • We often overlook the power of a calendar invite! Get International Wome’s day on everyone’s calendar.
  • Some good ole fashion signage in and around the office is always a stellar way to raise awareness.
  • When using social media be sure to use the following hashtags:
    • #IWD2019
    • #IWD
    • #BalanceForBetter

As we’ll be celebrating the positive impact that our women have made on our culture, feel free to share your ideas with us on your social channels using @CultureIQ !