Did You Forget About Employee Appreciation Day 2018? Our Ideas Have Your Back

Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for 2018


Friday, March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day. While we believe that every day should be an occasion to appreciate your employees, it doesn’t hurt to throw a little extra appreciation their way tomorrow.

If you forgot, there’s no need to panic. We have some ideas that you can pull together quickly and inexpensively, and to keep in your back pocket for the future random acts of appreciation.

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1) Send an Email

This tried and true approach shouldn’t be overlooked. Greeting employees first thing in the morning with an energetic and genuine email will start the day on the right foot.

This email should not feel like a template you snagged online. Instead, it should reference specific examples of what you appreciate about your employees — recent deadlines and goals, certain traditions, notable strengths of each team, etc.


2) Let Managers Personalize Their Appreciation

Notify managers of Employee Appreciation Day, and encourage them to recognize employees in their own, personalized way. Managers or team leads should be in touch with the special contributions and personalities of each employee, and this is a great opportunity to leverage that. One idea is for managers to surprise employees with their favorite snack and a hand-written note.


3) Decorate the Office

Flowers, balloons, and signs are quick additions that brighten up the workplace and make the day feel special for everyone. Accompany these touches with an email or some indication of the reason behind the decorations.


4) Celebratory All-Hands Meeting

Create energy and excitement around Employee Appreciation Day by hosting a surprise town hall meeting. Include a message from key leadership, play upbeat music, and present a slideshow of company photos and achievements. Whatever the format, take the time to celebrate together.


5) Surprise Food

This is another age-old trick, but there’s nothing like fresh fruit greeting you first thing in the morning or a surprise pick-me-up afternoon snack. Or, if you have the time and the budget, go the extra mile by treating everyone to a larger meal that can be enjoyed together.


6) Bring in a Massage Service for a Day

Spoil employees for a day with an onsite massage service. Employees can sign up for 15 minute slots, so it is the perfect stress relief break that doesn’t interfere with productivity.


7) Spread the Word

If your company has a blog or is active on social media channels, spread the message of how and why you appreciate your employees.


And in that spirit, to my fellow CultureIQ employees: I appreciate your humor, energy, and inspiring dedication to creating strong company cultures around the world!


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