Could Employee Stress Be Holding Your Company Back?

New eGuide: How to Trouble Shoot Employee Stress & Boost Productivity

If there’s anything we can be sure about regarding our ever-evolving business world, it’s that stress isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And that makes it difficult to address the reality that chronic stress in the workplace costs businesses billions every year in lost productivity and attendance, not to mention the catastrophic cost to employee health.

Billions of dollars a year is more than enough to motivate any HR leader to take another look at the topic of stress. But do you want to know what should really keep you up at night regarding the topic of stress? The fact that stressed out employees are emotionally and physically unable to perform up to their potential. That means they may have difficulty efficiently performing their core job, let alone going above and beyond to deliver innovative work.

So, what’s an employer to do?

That’s just the question we take on in our latest eGuide, “The Effects of Stress on Company Culture: How to Troubleshoot Employee Stress and Boost Productivity.”

With heavily researched studies and reports and the insights of a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Business Advisor at a Fortune 200 pharmaceutical company, we outline exactly what chronic stress costs your company each year and what you can do to limit the damage.

And most important of all — we lay out exactly how you can help employees manage stress and tap into their full potential for productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

For companies managing virtual teams, we also detail how you can proactively address the unique wellness concerns of work-from-home employees.

The result? A comprehensive, evidence-based approach to minimizing the damaging effects of chronic stress and maximizing the potential of your employees.

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