Keep Employees Healthy and Happy with These Work Perks

Employee Wellness Programs Perks

At CultureIQ, we believe that culture is about more than perks, but when perks are aligned with your values and chosen wisely (like the ones below), they can go a long way to enhance your culture! This is a guest post by our friends at Justworks.Diet, exercise, reflection, education — each of these factors goes a long way to helping us achieve health. Extending those pillars of a healthful lifestyle to the workplace, however, can be difficult. Most office jobs are sedentary and natural light can be hard to come by. Snack offerings rarely extend beyond chips, candy, and soda. But promoting a healthy office can do wonders for your business. Employees who eat healthily are 25% more likely to have higher job performance. And regular exercise can boost work productivity by 15%.By showing employees you care about their well-being, you’ll boost retention, engagement, and productivity. You’ll also likely reduce sick days taken and costs related to health insurance.Offering opportunities to stay physically and mentally healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve rounded up some benefits, perks, and programs you can offer to improve employee well-being.

Offer Bike Share Memberships

Consider offering discounted or free memberships to bike share programs as a straightforward perk. Many American cities now offer bike shares for affordable annual fees. These programs grant members unlimited rides for a set period of time; New York City’s Citi Bike, for instance, currently offers annual members unlimited 45-minute rides for $155 per year. Giving your employees the opportunity to bike will open up their commuting options — and help them avoid rush hour traffic.

Offer Your Team Gym Discounts

Partner with gyms to offer discounted or reimbursed memberships to employees. Preferably, choose gyms with locations near your office. Doing so will offer employees an outlet for releasing stress or taking a break. With Justworks, for instance, businesses can offer their teams discounted New York Health and Racquet club memberships.

Encouraging employees to regularly exercise has multiple benefits, including:

  • Boosted self esteem
  • Increased productivity
  • Better concentration

Volunteer in the Community

Encourage employees to give back to the community, like going to a soup kitchen or cleaning up a park. Doing so promotes a different kind of health: mental health. The act of giving back to the community adds to employees’ feelings of self worth. Plus, volunteering improves interpersonal communication and could teach employees new professional skills. If your company offers unlimited vacation, stress that employees should feel comfortable taking time off not just for rest, but for activism and volunteering. If you don’t offer unlimited vacation, consider adding volunteer days off into your PTO package.

Cover Entrance Fees to Sports Leagues

Kickball, bowling, volleyball, soccer… the co-ed options that recreational sports leagues offer abound. Offer to pay some (or all) of the entrance fee for interested employees. In fact, many leagues offer corporate rates. Playing sports together will let employees stay healthy together and get to know their teammates better.

Add Some Zen

Add some zen to the office with options for meditation. Consider covering employee subscriptions to Headspace for self-directed meditation. At only ten minutes a day, the meditations won’t take a lot of time. Or host meditation or yoga classes right in the office. Wellness companies like Exubrancy can bring meditation sessions, on-site massages, and office yoga right to you.

Provide Healthy Eating Options

According to a survey from Seamless, 60% of employees said that company-provided food in the office would make them feel more appreciated. Providing healthy food options can be as simple as offering more fruits and vegetables. Or take it to the next level by providing meals to employees. Whether you do so periodically or daily, employees will appreciate the gesture.