Event Recap: Creating a Collaborative Culture

Collaboration. What might seem like a simple topic is actually a significant challenge for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. That’s because a collaborative culture is one of the hardest things to build and maintain as a company grows and scales. However, it is also an extremely important ingredient to ensure long-term success.

At CultureIQ, we use the following definition of collaboration: “In a collaborative company, people cooperate, share, and work well together.”

It’s important to understand how this plays out across the different layers within your organization. Your marketing team might work well together, but your organization could still be a long way away from having a truly collaborative culture. Therefore, we encourage you to consider the following dynamics:

  1. Collaboration within teams
  2. Collaboration between teams (think silos)
  3. Collaboration between leaders and employees

To help you work through these challenges, on May 10th we teamed up with ZogSports and General Assembly to bring people together to explore collaboration in the workplace.

Meredith Haberfeld from ThinkHuman kicked off the evening with a presentation about what leaders can do to inspire a meaningful, effective collaborative culture within your organization.

Collaboration, according to Meredith, is is about creating a climate where people look past their own individual success to work toward a greater goal.

Here are some takeaways from her discussion:

ZogSports then facilitated an activity that demonstrated what team collaboration can look like within your organization. Attendees were divided into teams and tasked with building a pyramid out of the materials supplied.

Complete strangers (for the most part) came together to work towards a shared goal, and the results were amazing!


But the process to get there was even better…

collaborative culturecollaborative culture

To tie everything together, David Shanklin from CultureIQ facilitated a discussion for attendees to share their lessons from the presentation, the activity, and each other.

The question he posed: What are you doing to encourage strong collaboration within your organization … within teams, between teams, and between leaders and employees?


Here were some of the great ideas that came from it:

collaborative culture

A huge thanks to everyone who came out and share their time, energy, and ideas!


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