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(Fall 2017) Product Update

What’s New at CultureIQ

While you’ve been working hard building a positive culture in your company, we’ve been busy building new features to help you measure, understand, and strengthen your culture.

After listening to our community, we’ve focused on making CultureIQ even more flexible, scalable, and insightful. It’s now easier than ever to collect the right feedback for your company, cut through the noise to prioritize your findings, and take action at scale.

Without further ado, check out some of the awesome features we’ve launched over the past six months:


Custom Culture Qualities

CultureIQ is more flexible than ever. Measure what is most important to your business by tracking custom qualities, in addition to or instead of our 10 core qualities, over time.


Survey Templates

We now have over 20 survey templates created by our culture strategists, with over 200 sample questions, for you to choose from when you need to hone in on a specific topic, such as Diversity and Inclusion or Learning Opportunities.


Connected Surveys

No more toggling between windows and survey results. Connected surveys allow you to monitor trends over time from question to question and survey to survey. You can even “copy and connect” surveys in a few clicks.



Enhanced Language Capabilities

We’re dedicated to helping you give all employees a voice. Now, you can use CultureIQ software to easily translate your surveys into 18 languages, and employees can choose on the spot which language they feel most comfortable using.


Comment Tagging

Employee comments are full of pure culture gold…when you actually put them to use. Now you can easily sort through and analyze qualitative feedback by tagging comments with recurring themes.

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Enhanced Data Protection

We take data security very seriously at CultureIQ, and we 💙  our international clients. This is why we have recently launched a data center in Germany in compliance with the new EU GDPR regulations.


Driver Analysis

Skip the guesswork when prioritizing with our driver analysis feature. This statistical tool helps you identify the relationship between different culture qualities and understand how they impact your employee engagement in just a few clicks. For more on driver analysis in action, check out this quick webinar.


Manager Profiles

Manager profiles empower managers with the information they need to drive change in their team. Provide managers access to view their team’s results with group-based permissions. Sharing results with stakeholders has never been easier and more efficient.


We would love to talk to you about what these features mean for you and your company. Schedule a time to chat with a member of our team, or reach out to your account manager.

In the meantime, happy culturing 🙂

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