For CultureIQ Clients: How to access the Coronavirus
Business Resilience Survey
on our platform

The Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey that CultureIQ has released is a great tool for all businesses to assess how their culture is doing amid the COVID19 pandemic, but it’s an even better, more customizable tool on our platform. Here’s a guide for CultureIQ customers on how to access the survey on our platform and start tailoring it to your organization’s own unique needs:

Accessing the CBRS on the CultureIQ Platform

To set up your Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey:

1. Log in to your CultureIQ platform account, and click on Surveys in the top menu

 Business Resilience Find Survey

2. On the Surveys page, click the Create Surveys button

Business Resilience Create Survey

3. On the Survey Templates tab, find in the list or use the Search to find the Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey or Coronavirus Business Resilience Pulse 

Business Resilience Select Survey

4. Click on the appropriate version for your organization’s needs and complete your setup.

5. If you prefer, you can create your own custom business resilience survey using our items by selecting items of interest from the item bank.

Have any questions? Contact your CultureIQ Program Manager-they are ready to help you!


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