5 Methods To Give Your Employee Wellness Program New Life

Improving Your Employee Wellness Program

Countless case studies

illustrate how employees who participate in wellness programs contribute to lower healthcare costs, decreased attrition, and higher productivity.

While many companies have some sort of wellness programming, factors such as time, engagement, and available resources force some of these programs to go stagnant. The key is getting employees excited to participate by choosing programs that do not feel like a chore. To that end, it might be time to give your employee wellness program a healthy jumpstart!

Luckily, we have gathered together five techniques and perks to help you do just that:

Gym Memberships

Subsidized gym memberships are a great perk that make it easier (and more affordable) for employees to live a healthy lifestyle. Many gyms will partner with companies to offer corporate membership discounts or gym credits. Consider asking employees about their preferred gym equipment and fitness classes to identify the best gym for this partnership.

Fitness Products And Resources

Even if you do find the perfect gym partnership, gym memberships simply don’t fit everyone’s lifestyle. Offering products and resources to busy employees can keep them in the fitness loop even when they are not in the office or cannot make a trip to the gym. From mobile fitness apps to wellness video services, employees can stay in shape at home and still be a part of the wellness program. Types of resources you can offer include:

  • Fitness bands
  • Mobile health apps
  • Workout DVDs
  • Wellness video services
  • Corporate health information portals



is the process where you can turn mundane or repetitive tasks into fun games that stimulate active participation and productivity. Gamification can work well when incorporated into wellness programs because it doesn’t cost much to implement and can create enthusiasm among employees. Spice up your wellness efforts by allowing employees to compete against each other in health challenges and gain recognition for their successes.

There are several apps designed for fitness gamification in the office such as Welbe, Hotseat, and Digifit and FitBit. You can also implement gamification in the form of brain games and trivia challenges, because mental wellbeing is an equally important part of wellness!

Sponsored Activities

Jumpstart wellness programs by hosting sponsored activities. Take a day, or several days, out of the year to hold a Fitness and Wellness Day. Employees can gain important information about health topics, participate in sports activities, munch on tasty snacks, and speak with healthcare staff. By offering such programs and resources, employees will develop strategies geared toward creating more healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Office Foodemployee wellness

One area of the office that can interfere with employee wellness programs is the break room. It’s the place to grab a quick cup of coffee and sneak a box full of sugary snacks. After the sugar rush, employees crash at desks unable to concentrate. Doughnuts, cookies, cakes, muffins and other pastries brought into the office are kindhearted gestures, but they should make appearances as an occasional treat, not a regular offering.

Alternatively, encourage employees to bring healthy snacks into the office. Vegetables with tasty dips, fruit trays, healthy mixed nuts, and other nutritional items should be the first thing found on break room counters. Healthy office food will help workers stay mentally and physically productive. For some additional food wellness tips, read our post about it here.