5 Guest Speaker Ideas to Motivate Your Employees

Motivating Employees With Guest Speakers

Company guest speakers are a great way to break up the work week while educating and inspiring employees. But sometimes even you need a little inspiration while figuring out how to motivate your employees.

Here are 5 guest speaker ideas to get you started:

Informational and industry-specific: In order for your company to remain agile, it’s important that your employees stay up to date on industry news and opinions. Not only is this important for employee performance, but it also helps everyone feel more connected to their industry and job purpose. As an example, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) regularly invites guest speakers to present on conservation and environmental issues.

Motivational: Motivational speakers don’t necessarily need to be related to your industry. Instead, these speakers re-energize your employees through their stories and approach to life. Motivational speakers are particularly appropriate when morale is low or the team is heading into a crunch time.

Innovation: Is your company craving more innovation? Consider bringing in a guest speaker who will expose employees to new ways of approaching their work. There are a lot of options out there– some speakers focus on general innovation and creativity, while others inspire innovation by telling their entrepreneurial story.

Employee-led: You don’t need to look far to find intelligent people with valuable content to share. Your company is probably full of them! Consider starting an employee-led speaker series, in which employees volunteer to present about a topic of choice. This is a great initiative to give employees more ownership over their experience, and it’s also a practical option if you’re working with a tighter budget.

Skills-based: Have you set company goals for the new year? Or perhaps you’ve identified a common pain point among employees. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in a guest speaker to inform and educate the team about certain skills, such as time management, organization, or even workplace wellness.

You can mix and match these ideas to create a diverse and informative guest speaker calendar for your company.