Best Practices for Recruiting in a Candidate-Driven Market

Recruiting Best Practices

Top talent is holding the cards in today’s job markets. Our candidate-driven landscape is a stark difference from the employer-driven market of the past where recruiters had their pick of the litter. It poses new opportunities and challenges for recruitment teams who are accountable to find and hire the best of the best. Moreover, recruiters are now not only assessing for skill, but also for fit (arguably just as important).

So, what’s a recruiter to do? We believe recruitment marketing that builds employer brand is critical to putting your best foot forward. Recruitment marketing specifically discusses what it’s like to work someplace, allowing candidates to opt in (or out) of what you have to offer. When it’s well done, it should go beyond discussion of benefits and perks and share meaningful stories that describe exactly what candidates can expect when they sign on. Here are some best practices for recruiting in a candidate-driven market:

Sharing the love

We love the story-based video series that Kasasa created. Each video shares authentic stories about how their core values come to life, providing much needed insight that goes far beyond perks and benefits. The approach ensures a talent pool of people who already identify with their purpose and values. This story exemplifies their value of Love. One of their people shares her experience about being new to town and needing major surgery. In the absence of family nearby, she was understandably nervous. When she woke up, her manager was there with her. Throughout her hospital stay, members of her team took turns staying with her. The story paints a powerful picture, one that recruiters can surmise would lead a candidate to say, “Sign me up!” or, “No thanks!” to the culture.

Meeting talent where they’re at

Last year, Snapchat created a geolocation filter to try torecruit top talentaway from Uber. When using Snapchat anywhere near the Uber headquarters, a filter popped up prior to sending the chat that asked the sender, “This place driving you mad?” (pun intended) and included a link to Snapchat’s career site. While the ethics of this particular method may be called into question (Snapchat declined to comment), it is truly innovative and aligns with their tech-savvy business model. Once arriving at the Snapchat career site, the potential candidate is greeted with a bright video featuring current Snapchatters sharing their perspective about what it’s like to work there.

Treat your candidates well

Salesforce Senior Manager of Marketing Communications Sarah Boutin, shared that they will reply to all candidate questions and requests. Their tactic was proven effective when a reporter from Inc Magazine went undercover as a candidate. She posted questions on Instagram to five different companies about how to stand out in the application process. Salesforce was the only company to reply with actionable tips.

Share, share, share

Ultimately, recruitment marketing comes down to curated storytelling. Find your best stories about what it’s like to work at your company and share them. Channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, your own careers page, and more make this easier than ever. Powerful recruitment marketing content will yield top talent that identifies with what you do, streamlining the assessment for shared values.