How to Help Your Team Through Tragedy

Dealing With A Tragedy On Your Team

Companies operating within the US are not immune to the horrible violence that has recently occurred, and it’s difficult to ignore the horrific losses we’ve faced throughout our country. Even if your team is not directly impacted by these events, it doesn’t mean they don’t need space to digest tragic events. For those having difficulty coping with the recent losses occurring in Orlando and Oakland, here are a few steps employers can use to help their team through the grieving process.

Address your company

Though tragedy is difficult to acknowledge, especially at this magnitude, employers cannot simply sweep it under the rug. Instead, hold a meeting addressing the recent events. It does not have to be formal, just a gathering of your people to help process what’s happening. This lets your employees know that you’re not only paying attention, but you care about how they’re affected.

Be empathetic

Losing loved ones, especially through violence, is a jarring experience. People within your organization will be feeling a host of emotions. It’s up to employers to extend some grace to their employees as they find ways to cope through the situation. Be kind and understanding, offering your support through the transition.

Provide grief counseling services

While you can extend your support through these tough times, you and your team may experience feelings of sadness or depression that you may not be able to shake on your own. Counseling services are a great way to help give perspective on the situation, and as an employer, you can inform employees of the resources and options available to them. Having a professional take the reigns to help people process the situation can be key in the healing process.

Don’t stop believing in the power of compassion

Give your team a chance to grieve and heal, with the understanding that love is what will see us through. Take this time to show compassion to yourself and your team, as losing loved ones– especially in violence– will be an uphill battle. As we remember the people who have lost their lives, remember not to judge others who are different than yourselves. Through building a culture of love, tolerance, and understanding, we can change the world for the better.