3 Things the Holiday Season Can Teach Us About Workplace Culture

3 Things the Holiday Season Can Teach Us About Workplace Culture

The holidays are a time of cheer and wonder for many. In fact, leaders can learn a thing or two about how to apply holiday principles to ramp up their workplace. Think about it—this time of year requires people to listen, empathize, and share experiences together. The same happens in the workplace. Here are three ways leaders can apply the holiday spirit to build a strong workplace culture:

The Gift of…


Around the holidays, people have to do a fair amount of listening. They have to learn what their loved ones want for gifts, who likes what dish, and the list goes on. Employees want to be heard, and their engagement level depends upon it. A sign of a great leader is their ability to listen to their team. Some leaders have a natural ability to listen, while others learn how to listen through training and experience. Either way, your team will appreciate an attentive boss.


Leaders are able to give to their employees in a multitude of ways. We’re not just talking about happy hours and holiday bonuses– just rolling up your sleeves and working alongside your team can go a long way. In addition, give your team room to grow. As a leader, you possess the ability to provide your employees the chance to contribute in meaningful ways. According to Forbes, employees that stretch themselves to grow and take on more advanced assignments should be given the opportunity to further accelerate their advancement.


Professional development is not just for your team; leaders are constantly learning and growing too. This type of development is what makes a great leader. Part of that growth requires them to rise to the occasion in areas of opportunities. Great leaders are not born overnight, and it takes willingness to pivot and change in order to become a good leader. To understand where your growth opportunities lie, you can use anonymous employee surveys to help gauge your team’s sentiment. When receiving this feedback, look for what’s working and what you can do to improve your workplace culture. While constructive criticism can be hard to swallow, your operations will be better off for it.


This spirit doesn’t need to be confined to just the holidays — make your company a positive, thriving workplace by spreading the holiday spirit year-round. Give the gift of listening to your employees, of providing them more opportunities, and of receiving their feedback to make the ultimate workplace.