How to Give Your Employee Newsletter a Makeover

Updating Your Employee Newsletter

Employee newsletters are an important component of a company’s communication program. They are a great way to share company updates, recognize employees, and build community, yet none of these benefits apply if they go unread month after month. If that sounds like your employee newsletter, maybe it’s time for a makeover!

Brand It

Treat your employee newsletter like you would any other piece of marketing material. Leverage it as a tool to inform your employees, engage your audience, and build your employer brand. Small touches can do the trick, such as using company colors in the design and giving it a fun, company-themed name.

Visuals, Visuals, Visuals

Many employees spend their days reading long, text-heavy emails. Don’t let your newsletter fall into that category, and jazz it up with colors, visuals, and a clean design. If you doubt your design eye, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Pages all have templates to get you started. Take it a step further, and ask employees for photo submissions from company events and projects.

Invite Interaction

Strong communication should allow for both inbound and outbound communication

. While an employee newsletter is often regarded as a way for leadership to share information to employees, it can also be an opportunity for employees to contribute updates and knowledge. To invite interaction, move your employee newsletter to an internal blog or message board where employees can add comments and start a discussion. You can also call for content ideas and contributions prior to sending out the newsletter.

Shine the Spotlight on Employees

Employee newsletters are a great opportunity to create a sense of community. In companies with multiple locations, sometimes a newsletter is the only channel for an individual to learn about other employees or find out about another team’s impressive accomplishment. Some ideas include introducing an “Above and Beyond” section, listing the birthdays of the month, and profiling new and longstanding team members in a “Meet the Employee” column.

Add a Quick Tip

Provide a practical takeaway for readers by sharing relevant workplace wellness, productivity, or industry tips. This will give employees something to look forward to when reading the internal newsletter.

If these ideas don’t do the trick, why not take the guesswork out of it by asking employees what they would like to see in the newsletter? Send out a quick survey to understand how you can improve your employee newsletter.