How to Have Successful Leadership Transitions

How to Prepare for a Leadership Transition

Implementing organizational change of any kind is a challenge. Leadership transitions rank among the most unique and difficult changes to implement.

Internal moves, retirements, promotions — whatever the leadership transition, it affects all employees familiar with and confident in their leader. In fact, leadership transitions also affect employees that might not know the leader personally, but understand that a change in leadership will shake things up.

Leadership transitions can also impact your top-level business goals, your company culture, and entire teams’ working styles.

Needless to say, preparing for a leadership transition is crucial. New leaders that undergo effective transitions reach their potential nine months faster than those with an average transition.

We’re here to help. We’ve drafted a full guide to managing organizational change of all kinds. Download it here.

Or, read on to learn how to:

  • Make a leadership transition plan
  • Consider shared leadership teams
  • Communicate leadership transitions
  • Effectively onboard new leaders