In 2016, Let’s Make Workplace Culture Great

It’s the first work day of the new year, so together, let’s resolve to make workplace culture even better in 2016. Here are a few tenets to keep in mind along the way:

Work smarter, not harder

These days there are many tools available to capitalize on efficiency. Talent leaders no longer have to be mind readers to learn what their employees think about the workplace. The best way to gain insight on where your employees stand is by going straight to the horse’s mouth. Survey your team to see how they feel about the current climate of the workplace and what needs attention. Anonymous surveys allow you to collect honest data from employees without fear or repercussion, and this will be your best source of direction for 2016 planning.

Flashier does not mean better

Shiny objects are fun to have, but they don’t solve all problems. We’ve seen companies introduce meaningful perks for employees, such as gym access, flextime, and volunteer time off. But perks alone do not make for a strong culture. In other words, perks can be a fantastic supplement to a great work culture, but they aren’t the main ingredients to employee engagement. When evaluating what employee perks you provide, make sure they are backed by other elements of a strong company culture. And bonus points if they align with your values!

Support your troops

If you had to choose one thing to guide you in the right direction, it’s to always have your employees’ backs. Employees are more likely to leave if they feel they are not getting support from higher ups, and support is more than a pat on the back. If an employee makes a mistake or is having trouble adjusting to new protocols, use that time to mentor and nurture growth within your employee. This teaches your team that mistakes are not career-ending, while establishing trust and a sense of camaraderie within the organization.

2016 is here, and employers can gain new ground by reigniting the workplace. Bolster loyalty by assessing what needs attention and reaffirming what works. Employees respond well to a leader who is consistently and proactively trying to improve. And keep in mind that happy employees spread the word, so if done well, this will be the new year’s resolution that keeps giving.


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