How Instituting a Company Wellness Program Can Recharge Your Workforce

Using A Wellness Program To Recharge Your Workforce

Organizations are seeing the benefits of investing in the wellbeing of their employees, which is why nearly two-thirds of U.S. employers have adopted a company wellness program. Whether you’re one of the remaining one-third of companies that haven’t yet instituted wellness programming or you need additional inspiration to rev up your existing efforts, it never hurts to refresh yourself on the benefits of company wellness programs:

Reduced absenteeism

U.S. employees spend an average of 47 hours at their jobs a week. Considering the sizable time contributions employees dedicate to their organizations, having healthy options and services available is beneficial. With the help of company wellness programs, employers are able to reduce absenteeism by encouraging healthy habits, such as exercise. For example, one study found that people who regularly get moderate exercise miss 18 percent fewer workdays, while strenuous exercisers miss 32 percent fewer workdays. Reduced absenteeism translates into fewer operational issues for the business. Even better, employers can enjoy the good moods of their happier workforce.

Positive and engaged employees

When employees are in control of their health, their overall wellbeing trend upwards as healthy employees are generally more optimistic. Happy employees are awesome not just because they’re a joy to be around, but they also tend to be more productive. According to a study conducted by economists from the University of Warwick, happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive. Further, healthy and happy employees are more likely to stay at your organization. A Towers Watson study found that companies with effective wellness programs report lower voluntary turnover (9%) compared to companies with ineffective wellness programs (15%). Positivity is very infectious, so the effects can be amplified throughout your organization, and can even trickle down to your customers!

Happy employees = happy customers

When your team is on top of its game it means great things for your customers.

Employees are able to lead happier and more productive lives, employers experience better operations due to healthy and supported workers, and customers benefit from this enhanced experience. For example, Bain & Company studies indicate that employee behavior and attitude is one of the most significant drivers of customer satisfaction. Engaged employees not only spread their enthusiasm to customers, but they also are more dedicated to providing the best product and service to customers. It’s a win-win-win!

And finally, the ROI

Having a healthy workforce has its intrinsic and financial returns. The RAND Corp.’s analysis estimated an overall ROI of $1.50, or a return of $1.50 for every dollar that the employer invested in its company wellness program. Johnson & Johnson reported a return of $2.71 for every dollar spent on wellness programming from 2002-2008. The examples go on, and the results are pretty consistent: wellness programs benefit the individual, the team, and the bottom line.