Introducing Trend Questions: A New Way to Collect Ongoing Feedback

At CultureIQ our mission is to help companies strengthen their culture, and the first step in that process is to collect useful feedback.
That deceptively simple task can actually prove quite challenging. In this post, we’ll explore some of those challenges, and then we’ll introduce our newest feature to address them – something we’re calling Trend Questions.

The Challenges

Let’s start by exploring the challenges1. Sentiment can be dynamicSurveys are great for collecting feedback at a moment in time, but if you’re hoping to see feedback trends over time, they’re not ideal.2. Learning from and adjusting questions can be difficultIt’s tough to always know what to ask, or how to ask it, and a survey puts pressure on asking the right questions in the right way (since you only get one shot). Sometimes, it takes asking a question to realize you’d prefer to ask it another way, or completely change it to a new question.

3. For a survey administrator, preparing and launching a survey can be a time consuming project

Because the distribution of the survey can be a relatively major event for a company, it generally requires a lot of upfront effort.


The Goals

So, with those challenges in mind, we set out to create a new and innovative method for collecting useful feedback.

  • We wanted to give companies a way to see ongoing sentiment (trends), across a flexible (wide, if desired) range of topics.
  • We wanted to enable the survey admin to have a large degree of flexibility in terms of what questions to ask, to whom, and when, and be able to course correct (adjust questions, recipients, or frequency) on an ongoing basis.
  • We wanted to reduce the impact on any given employee in terms of responding to surveys
  • And finally, we wanted to minimize the amount of time that’s dedicated to setting up and managing surveys.

So, our team got to work. We committed ourselves to designing and modifying a system that would achieve these outcomes, and today we’re proud to present the beta version of Trend Questions.

Trend Questions

A Trend Question is a one-question survey that is sent out to a sample of recipients on an ongoing basis according to a pre-set frequency. Let’s look at an example:Say you want to collect feedback on 10 questions:Here are a few examples of questions you might ask:As part of an initiative to ensure work-life balance: “How many hours did you work this week?” As part of an initiative to bolster internal referrals: “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our company as a place to work? Trend questions make this extremely simple. All you have to do is activate your trend questions, input your frequency (let’s say it’s 1 question per week), and every employee will receive 1 of your 10 questions every week.The question can be answered directly in the email, so it’s an extremely lightweight experience. Each employee will receive different questions, so that you can collect feedback across all 10 questions from the start. Also, they will receive questions on different days, so that your feedback will get updated more regularly. So now, you are receiving feedback across all of your questions regularly, while each employee only has to respond to each specific question a few times per year. Win-win. Let’s say two months down the line you think of two new questions, and decide that one of the originals isn’t very insightful. No problem! Just add your two new questions, and deactivate the one that isn’t working; nothing changes for the employees other than the questions. We believe this is very powerful. It will enable a company to make small, ongoing iterations, to identify the types of questions that are most useful, and to see sentiment trends on an ongoing basis, without overburdening employees. Of course, the last step is to make it incredibly easy for the admin to setup and manage. On that front, I think we nailed it.

Using Trend Questions

1. Choose your settings:Trend Question Settings2. Add your questions:Create Trend Question3. Watch the feedback roll in. We will never email any employee more than what’s indicated in your settingsTrend Questions CultureIQAnd that’s it! We’re very excited to announce Trend Questions as a powerful new way to collect employee feedback, and ultimately strengthen your culture. Want to learn more? Feel free to give us a shout and we’d be happy to dive into the details Thanks for taking the time to give this a read!

– Jeremy