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Managing Company Culture Across Locations

A few months ago, we called for YOUR company culture questions to address in our virtual fireside chat. We got so many amazing questions, that we simply could not get to them all.
Luckily, our Culture Strategy team eagerly jumped in to help, and they’ve been answering your questions ever since.

Bringing us to the following question:

How can I manage the culture of a geographically dispersed organization?

Culture Strategist Mila Singh shares her tips:

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Mila’s tips for managing culture in a geographically dispersed organization:

1) Integrate new employees into your culture during onboarding — virtual or in-person

2) Create genuine opportunities for connecting

3) Keep a pulse on your culture by collecting feedback across locations

4) Share culture-related stories and resources across locations

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Mila: Today’s question comes from Danielle who is a Senior Corporate Trainer.

She asks: How can I manage the culture of a geographically dispersed organization?

I have a couple of quick tips to get you started:

First, on-boarding. So, right from the start when new people join your organization, you can bring them together, either in the same on-boarding or virtual on-boarding program that trains them in the stories behind your culture. This gets everyone on the same page for what’s important to your company and the stories that you share.  It also helps them forge connections across the company, so that when go back to their teams across different locations, they have some great connections to start off with, as well as a great understanding of your company culture.

Second, create genuine opportunities for connection.When you have people all over in different locations, it can be really hard for people to stay connected. Try to bring people together across via virtual town halls, webinars, and activities such as company gatherings. Bringing people together helps individuals forge connections, share stories, and form those bonds that can be the foundation to a great culture.

Also, keep a pulse on your organization. We encourage you to survey your entire organization as well as keep a pulse via pulse surveys to understand trends across your geographic locations. It’s very possible that you might see subcultures or differences across locations. And that can be totally normal! It’s also great to simply keep track of what’s going on. For example, if you find that different regions are struggling with different things, you can then dive deeper, work with the leadership in those areas, and figure out what could potentially be causing some issues. This will also help you find pockets of excellence, so if you find certain locations are doing really well, you can go in and ask about their best practices that could be spread to other locations.

And lastly, share stories and resources that are culture related across your organization. For example, create an intranet page dedicated to culture that shares resources that people can access from anywhere

Those are couple of quick tips to help you manage culture for a geographically dispersed organization!

Thanks for asking the question, Danielle!

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