Onboarding Beyond Logistics

Does your onboarding process feel a bit like that time the waiters sang happy birthday to you, mumbled over your name, then went about their day to day routine? Often times a new hire’s first day is filled with employee handbooks, login information and benefits packages. While these attributes are important, onboarding can be an opportunity for so much more.

69% of people who rate their onboarding experience as positive stay with that company for more than 3 years! Here’s a few tips on how to make that first impression memorable in the best way:

Create a Formal Program

Onboarding is too important to have a laissez-faireattitude towards.  A formal program will ensure your organization is consistently making a good first impression. These 3 things alone will help minimize the unknowns of a first day:

  • A documented program syllabus
  • A documented program timeline
  • Clearly communicated session agendas

Set Expectations

“Different work than expected” is a common reason \new employees leave quickly. Be transparent from day one. There is a lot of ambiguity floating in the air on a new hire’s start date. Let them know everything from dress code to mission and values to position responsibilities.

It is also important to set expectations for your current team. It should not come as a surprise to your existing employees that there is a new hire on the team. Make sure everyone has a role to play in the onboarding experience.

Build Confidence

This one is a no brainer. Make your new hires feel good about joining the team! Have set programs in place that will interlace them into their immediate team as well as interdepartmental teams. Programs such as the following are guaranteed to build a sense of community and openness to ask questions at any time.

  • A dedicated resource or buddy system
  • An #onboarding Slack channel for questions
  • A lunch outing with new team members
  • Immediate, regular 1-on-1 meetings with the hiring manager

Get Feedback

Create a dialog with you employees the moment they step foot into the door. An onboarding survey can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Not only will your new hire feel their opinions are valued within this organization, but you can learn where to improve. Over time you will find this survey extremely valuable when measuring positive cultural change!


Onboarding can truly make a difference in retaining employees and cultivating a strategic culture.

Culture is something that has to be practiced consistently day after day after day. But it always begins on day one.


Onboard & Upwards!