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Onboarding Tips: Integrating New Hires Into Your Company Culture

What is Onboarding?

New employee onboarding is the process of providing the right resources and information to a new hire to help him or her integrate seamlessly with a company and its culture.

Integrate new hires into your company culture

A few months ago we put out a call for YOUR company culture questions and received many amazing questions — about everything from leadership to L&D. Our community submitted so many questions, in fact, that our experts weren’t able to get to them all during our virtual fireside chat (watch it here!).

Luckily, our Culture Strategists eat, sleep, and breathe company culture, so they readily jumped in to help.

Bringing us to the following question about integrating new hires into your company culture:

“What are a few tips for helping new hires adjust to your company’s culture?”


If the embedded video isn’t loading on your browser, view it here.

Rea’s tips for integrating new hires into your company culture:

  1. Link to mission and values in the onboarding process
  2. Create opportunities for cross-team interaction
  3. Check in beyond the initial onboarding process

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Hi my name is Rea Abrahrams, and I’m a Culture Strategist here at CultureIQ. I’m here today to answer one of your corporate culture questions. Today’s question comes from Danielle, who asked:

“What are a few tips for helping new hires adjust to your company’s culture?”

I love this question because it really already understands the importance of company culture in your new hire’s experience. So that’s great!

A few really quick tips. 

First, make sure that the company’s mission and values are within your onboarding process. And this goes beyond having them on a powerpoint slide or a poster. Think about how can you provide examples and bring these values to life. Can you do a scavenger hunt? Can you have people come in and talk to them? Things like that will be really important.

Second, allow this person to meet with people outside of their team so they get the feeling for the overall company culture, not just their team culture. So, mentorship programs, coffee chats, etc.

And third and finally, think about what’s happening beyond the initial one-day or one-week onboarding process. Who’s checking in with this new hire at the 30 day mark, at the 60 day mark? Make sure they have a buddy throughout this process.

Thank you Danielle for your question, and we look forward to more questions in the future!

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