Pre-Testing Your Employee Survey

How To Pre-Test Your Employee Survey

As you optimize your employee survey design, it’s important to get a second (and third and fourth) opinion. This can help you figure out whether the survey is really testing what you want it to test, identify ambiguities in the questions or structure, and catch typos or duplicate questions. Here, we’ll break down a few different ways you can test and refine your survey before sending it to employees.

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Expert Review

As a first step in refining your survey draft, you may want to show it to experts in survey design and/or in the topics you’re looking to investigate. You’ll want to make sure the questions are set up clearly and logically. If you’re a CultureIQ customer, your account manager is here to help you with this step.

We also recommend reviewing the survey with your “culture stakeholders” – this could be your HR team, your exec team, your culture committee, and anyone else who will be involved in overseeing culture initiatives at your company. Their feedback will help make sure you’re asking the questions you need to get the information you’re looking for.

Test Run

After you’ve checked the structure and content of your employee survey, it’s helpful to get feedback from people who haven’t been working with you on the setup process. This can help you understand the survey experience from the employee’s perspective – how long it takes, overall perceptions of the process, as well as any specific friction points. You can send a preview version of the survey to a few people, have them take it as a test, then ask them a few questions about their experience after the fact.

Here are some questions you might ask your test subjects:

What was your perception of the survey’s length?
Were there any questions you did not understand?
Were there any questions you did not know how to answer?
Did the order of the questions seem logical to you?
Did any of the questions seem redundant?
Did you understand the purpose of the survey?
Did any of the questions seem not to fit with the purpose of the survey?