[Product Update] New Benchmark Scores

July 20, 2017
At CultureIQ, we’re committed to continuous improvement. In response to feedback from our customers, we have adjusted the frequency at which we update our benchmarks from daily to every six months.

Now’s the time! It’s been six months since we last updated our benchmarks to include the latest scores, and on Friday July 21st, our team updated the benchmark numbers to reflect the newest benchmark scores on our platform.


How might this affect your results?

Your company’s scores will not change. You might see a change in the benchmark scores and distance from benchmark numbers on your dashboard. Additionally, if you’ve created a driver analysis for your recent culture survey, the distance from benchmark on the y-axis may have changed causing the qualities on the graph to shift slightly up or down.


Some things to note about benchmarks:

Only our core quality questions are benchmarked. Benchmarked scores exist for our 10 core quality questions and eNPS question. Follow up statements to the qualities are not included in the benchmark because they are custom to each company. We have a number of different benchmarks based on company size. The default benchmark is all 700 companies in the CultureIQ data set. This data set includes all clients that have sent our core culture assessment as well as participants in our Top Company Cultures program. Contact your Account Manager to inquire about adjusting your benchmark to the small or large companies data set. Internal benchmarks provide useful insights. While we believe external benchmarks are a helpful guide to understand where you stand relative to other companies on our platform, we emphasize the importance of benchmarking with yourself over time. We recommend looking at scores for different demographic cuts within your organization, identifying high performing groups, and comparing how others scored relative to the strongest groups. We also recommend looking at how scores may have changed survey to survey over time.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager!