Pulse Surveys 101: The What, Why & How

Collecting regular employee feedback goes a long way towards strengthening your company culture. And conducting surveys regularly is win-win: you’re both empowering employees to make their voices heard and informing your plan of action for aligning your culture with your business goals.
But 64% of organizations only measure employee engagement annually, while nearly one in five employees report that their companies don’t formally measure engagement at all.

So, how can you easily and regularly solicit employee feedback? Pulse surveys are one great option. Read on to learn what pulse surveys are, how they help your business, and how you can get started using them.

What is a Pulse Survey?

Pulse surveys are single-question or short-form surveys that help you learn about employee sentiment quickly and easily. Also called single-click surveys or one-click surveys, pulse surveys are short and focused — within CultureIQ’s platform, for example, pulse surveys are email based (rather than web based) so employees can respond to pulse surveys directly from their inbox. As a result, pulse surveys help you measure specific issues over time and tend to earn higher response rates than a longer, more involved survey might.