Resilience survey helps meet employees’ needs when you need them the most

By Paul M. Mastrangelo

Has there ever been an event that has affected every workplace setting on Earth? The coronavirus pandemic may hold that dubious distinction. This crisis – our crisis – is first and foremost a health emergency that threatens to spiral out of control unless people shelter in place for weeks at a time. This, the best course of action to save countless lives, is at the same time devastating to businesses large and small.

The pandemic’s impact on the global economy will be measured in trillions of dollars. Businesses such as transportation, hospitality and employment services face great risks from declining demands and must innovate to create revenue and reduce costs, while hospitals, grocery stores and e-commerce providers are confronted with tidal waves of need.

This global disruption to the business equilibrium is here now, and your response may decide your organization’s fate. The culture of your organization has never been so important, and it has never faced such rapid changes. Companies are telling us at CultureIQ that right now is about putting out fires. We agree. The trick is to know where the fires are.

No matter what business challenges COVID-19 has ignited, there are two certainties around them:

1) You need to rely on the engagement, ingenuity, and performance of your employees now more than ever.

2) Your employees are coping with extreme disruptions in their work behavior, new personal responsibilities for their families at home, and stress over their health, finances, and lifestyle changes.

Continuous Listening is designed exactly for this moment, when leaders need to know what obstacles are in their teams’ way. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce, and you need to start by considering where employees’ minds are right now. What do they need in this new normal?

A survey to help manage the crises you face now

In March, CultureIQ CEO Tony Jaros  unveiled a new Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey (CBRS), created from our Culture Strategists’ pooled expertise. We have since updated the CBRS survey to reflect all work scenarios: remote work, preparing to return to work, back at work and essential workers. The survey is designed to pinpoint feedback on these critical topics:

  • Employee Health & Well-Being: Ability to take time off, understanding benefits offered, assessing the value of benefits, feeling valued by the organization
  • Collaboration: Availability of tools to share information, trust in coworkers to be productive and timely, after work hour communication in case of emergency, problem solving behavior
  • Resources & Processes: Agility to cope with new processes, personal alignment to work goals, tools necessary for remote work, support from support functions
  • Flexibility: Contingency plans for staff shortages, flexible working arrangements, work/life balance
  • Workplace Health & Safety: Safe working conditions, education for healthy work behaviors, concern for customers and employees, empowerment to address safety concerns
  • Communication: Frequency of senior leadership communication, transparency, strategy shifts, upward communication
  • Manager Support: Availability to discuss health and safety concerns, respect for employees as individuals, job expectations, open dialog
  • Overall Evaluation: What is working well, what needs improvement

CultureIQ clients have access to the survey via the platform, and the public, via download. The platform allows clients to create highly customized targeted surveys; non-clients can also create targeted surveys based on questions from the topics above. In addition, we will be holding a virtual conference to walk you through the new survey, further explain its benefits and offer you the chance to ask questions and share your experiences supporting your workforce as they navigate this crisis.

If you are a current CultureIQ client, we’ve also created a guide to accessing and setting up customization of the survey on our platform. All of these resources, in addition to our first Virus Protection Assessment Survey and other tools and information, are available on our Coronavirus Resource Hub.

We’re all in this together

We here at CultureIQ are experiencing the same challenges, working 100% remote, leveraging virtual town halls, and making contingency plans to keep our clients aware of both acute and ongoing cultural issues. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you… okay, 6 feet apart to maintain social distance.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts.
– Sir Winston Churchill

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