Sneak Preview: Our NAHRES20 workshop on how to go beyond engagement

Organizational culture is a hot topic these days – in boardrooms, among employees, and even in the popular press.  We’ve even heard about how a sports team’s culture can affect their chances of winning or losing.  But when we talk about culture, what do we really mean?  And how does culture relate to engagement?

In Principal Strategist Jennifer Stoll’s presentation on Jan. 28, at NAHRES20 in Orlando, she’ll talk about:

  • The essential elements of culture
  • How to build and manage a strategic culture.
  • How a strong, focused culture not only drives engagement, but other key business outcomes
  • How some of those culture outcomes, like profitability and retention, can provide your organization with a competitive advantage

Culture insights and capes

Grab a seat at our workshop on Jan. 28 at 11:35 a.m. And make sure to visit us at booth #23 on Jan 27-28. We’ll be recognizing all the HR Heroes at NAHRES20! Come by to find the power in a strategic culture and how you can supercharge it into a competitive advantage…Also, get that cape you so rightfully deserve!