Staff Appreciation Ideas That Reinforce Your Workplace Culture

Staff Appreciation Ideas

Leaders who develop a culture of staff appreciation cultivate a loyal and productive workforce– and who doesn’t want a loyal and productive workforce? In fact, according to a recent Forbes article, 43 percent of employees surveyed left work due to lack of recognition. To add to that, the same article predicts that voluntary quits show no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, there are ways to display staff appreciation that are neither difficult nor costly. Here are some thoughtful staff appreciation ideas to show your team recognition and strengthen your workplace culture.

Lunch drawing

Once a week get together with your team leaders and senior leadership to nominate an employee to have lunch with the CEO. Not only are valuable employees being recognized, they get to know the leader of their organization, thus giving them the opportunity to learn from and connect with them.

Wall of fame

Each month team members can vote for the most outstanding employee. Once selected, find a designated space to display your “Wall of Fame.” This allows employees to see that not only are they being recognized for their contributions, but also they are valued for their efforts by their peers.

Social media shout outs

Now that social media is pretty much a requirement in the working world, use it to empower your talented employees. Have your team leaders get involved by sending a special shout out via Twitter or Instagram, acknowledging employees that go above and beyond. Be sure to tag the employee, so they can share their awesomeness with their peers. Bonus points if the recognition is rooted in your mission and values!

Floating team trophy

A floating trophy is an award that travels throughout your organization. If your company relies heavily on teamwork, this is a great appreciation idea to implement. Each quarter, take a look at which team has been going above and beyond the call of duty. Once selected, present the trophy to the top team and treat them to a special treat. In doing so, you’re fostering a collaborative environment while creating a little healthy competition within your departments.

Birthday lunch

Working on your birthday can be a downer, so why not add lunch? Buying your team lunch on their birthdays is a great way to show appreciation while celebrating their birthdays employee. Alternatively, you can do a monthly lunch that celebrates all of the birthdays that month.

Commute discounts

Depending on your region, work commutes can either be short and sweet, or a pain in the ‘you know what.’ Providing bus passes, gas cards, or free Uber rides are a great way to say “thank you” after all of their hard work. After all, you’re saving them money while praising them for their work efforts—a definite win-win.


Food is a natural way to get people to come together. Have your leadership team get together to cook up some tasty treats for your employees. It’s a great way to bond with senior leadership while showing off your culinary prowess to your hardworking team. Even better, your team will appreciate your efforts to celebrate their achievements in the workplace.

A culture of appreciation and loyalty

Giving praise is a great feeling… having a loyal and engaged workforce? Even better. When leaders take the time to appreciate their people, their people in turn appreciate them. Look for regular opportunities to integrate staff appreciation ideas into your workplace culture.

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