The Best Social Media Tools for Recruiting the Right Candidate

Social Media Recruiting Tools

Recruiting is like marketing. It’s all about figuring out where your target audience (in this case, the ideal candidate) spends their time online, and then reaching them there. This is where social media comes into play. It is an easy and inexpensive tool to do just that and promote your employer brand.


With well over a billion users, Facebook remains the most-used social media platform on the planet. If you haven’t already, create a company Facebook page and ask your clients and website visitors to follow you and “Like” the page. In addition to posting company content that appeals to customers, include posts that help express your brand/ethos as an employer. Videos and photos showcasing the perks and benefits of your workplace can offer a “behind the scenes” view of your company and make potential new hires get excited about working for you.

Here are some examples of a job well done.


Twitter is known and loved for its brevity. It offers a more concise and lightweight way to promote your business and recruit new hires. Make the most of each 140 character tweet with compelling messages about company news, updates, products, promotions, and job openings. Make targeted use of linking to relevant content as well as hashtags such as #jobs, #hiring, and specific department tags to appeal to ideal candidates. You can even open a separate Twitter account dedicated specifically to promoting new job postings.


You might be saying “well, duh,” but we couldn’t write a list of the best social medial tools for recruiting without mentioning LinkedIn. As the social network dedicated to connecting businesses and professional users, it’s a premier networking tool. LinkedIn allows you to take a more targeted and hands-on approach, because you can post jobs and send InMail to reach out to high-potential candidates. Also use LinkedIn to share relevant content, establish yourself as a thought leader, make key connections, and find the perfect new recruits.


Over 400 billion YouTube videos are viewed per day, and a great many of these are shared. Make use of the YouTube platform to showcase an insider’s view of your company, publicize the highlights and perks of your workplace, and post job ads. It’s also a great way to find and screen potential candidates who make use of the platform as well.

You can make the content of these social media channels a collaborative effort by collecting photos and stories from employees. Social media is an opportunity to let the personality of your company shine, so be creative and have fun with it!