Want to really live your brand? Just eat it

When your company launches a whole new logo and look, it can take time for your team to get used to the change – and to incorporate it into the information they give to clients, partners and colleagues outside your organization.

Right after CultureIQ’s reveal of our new brand and new approach on July 20, we also puzzled over how to get our people to absorb our makeover materials, and for our branding to become … well … part of who we all are. Especially with our teams scattered to the four remote winds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meeting employees where they are: In the kitchen

So, we schemed, since social distancing has everyone doing a lot of home cooking, why not mash that popular remote activity up with our internal marking plan and get our team to–literally–internalize our new look. Thus, the #EatTheBrand cooking contest was born, offering any CultureIQ employee or family member (no hired chef guns allowed) the chance to win a gift certificate by whipping up an edible, or drinkable, creation incorporating our new logo.

We created a sample logo pizza for inspiration, set up a Zoom happy hour/contest meeting, and let team members’ kids look over the entries and judge their favorites. Our tiny panel of judges dubbed CultureIQ Sales Operations Manager Becky Zwolinski’s logo-berry shortcake the best entry. Other entries served were fresh-fish tacos, cinnamon rolls, berry cupcakes, a giant sugar cookie, delicate macarons, dessert nachos, and even a swirled citrus martini.

Our esteemed panel of remote judges scrutinized the goodies and picked a winner.
#EatTheBrand chef Becky Zwolinski and her winning logo-berry shortcake – here’s the recipe that inspired her.

We all pledged to bring these items together in person when the COVID coast is clear (let it be 2021!). Meanwhile, we’re sharing this activity because it was a lot of fun and a great company culture boost for our remote employees, and we think it can be for your organization’s too–whether you have a new logo or not. We’re betting you have a group of baking enthusiasts willing to team-build in a yummy way. So…

 Accept our #EatTheBrand challenge!

Think you have more fabulous cooking skills than the team at CultureIQ? We suspect some of you do. And we’re guessing that, like us, you’re also casting about for ways to make your remote interactions more fun. So show us up with your mad culinary skills by doing the following:

–Ask your remote chefs to create an authentic, homemade-from-scratch treat with your company logo

-Host a Zoom meeting for your whole organization in which an expert panel of judges such as ours chooses a winner

-Cook up some social posts of your entries, event and recipes with #EatTheBrand and #CultureIQ hashtags

-We’ll find your posts and and share them on our social channels and website

Bon appetit and happy culture-building!

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